Spice Market presents

The Ultimate Cocktail Master Class

Every Friday 6pm – 8pm & Saturday 7pm – 9pm, $70 pp (advanced booking required)

Every Friday or Saturday evening, partake in The Ultimate Cocktail Master Class. This 2 hour experience includes drinks on arrival, followed by cocktail lessons from Spice Market’s expert Cocktail Mixologist, who will teach you first hand the secrets of successfully making three of Spice Market’s signature cocktails (you will make, shake and drink all three). This unique, up close and personal experience teaches the artistry behind mixology and is perfect as a team-building activity.






• Application must include a physical address
• Membership is non-transferable (Member will loose medallion and membership will be cancelled – no refunds)
• Venue Dress Code will apply to Members and their Guests (no exceptions)
• Venue ID Scanning at entry will apply to Members and their Guests (no exceptions)
• All privileges associated with Membership become void if the Member and/or their Guests breach our Code of Conduct (no refunds)
• Membership privileges do not apply when a special event is being held at the venue
• Membership lapses after 30 days from renewal date (no exceptions)

We are closed for the time being.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive.