Our policy is to serve customers in a friendly, responsible and professional manner and to provide, at all times, an environment in which our patrons may enjoy themselves.

This will be achieved through ongoing training and development of our staff and through regular maintenance of Spice Market and our facilities.

We are committed to minimising any harm that may arise from the misuse and abuse of alcohol by adopting the strategies above and ensuring that the supply of alcohol does not detract from the amenity of community life.

Please remember to consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation. Under Victorian Law it is an offence to consume alcohol on licensed premises whilst intoxicated.
Any person deemed to be intoxicated will be asked to leave the venue.

Please be advised that as the use of illegal drugs is a criminal offence, such behaviour will not be tolerated at this venue. Persons in violation of this will be escorted off the premises and subject to arrest.

Thank you.


“The Directors of the Licensee, Grandco Hospitality Group Pty Ltd ( trading as Spice Market) and its Management and staff are committed to the principles of Responsible Service of Alcohol and ensuring all reasonable and appropriate steps are taken to minimise any harm caused by the use and abuse of alcohol. We expect the same commitment from our patrons.”

Dean P Lucas
Grandco Hospitality Group Pty Ltd


In accordance with our legal obligations and responsibilities under The Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act), you will be refused service if you are intoxicated. Section 3AB of the Act states that a person is in a state of intoxication if “his or her speech, balance, co-ordination or behaviour is noticeably affected and there are reasonable grounds for believing that this is the result of consumption of liquor.

Our Management and Staff will not tolerate any disorderly, disruptive or offensive behavior on these premises at any time and any patron behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

If you have been offended by the behaviour of any of our patrons please bring it to the attention of our staff or management.

All our staff have completed and are accredited with The Responsible Service of Alcohol. In addition, all staff involved in the service of alcohol have been briefed on liquor licensing legislation, patron care, responsible service of alcohol and harm minimisation strategies through in-house training and Responsible Service of Alcohol refresher courses as required.


We will at all times make ourselves available to respond to the concerns or complaints of our patrons and our neighbours. If you have any concerns over the way Spice Market operates please contact us by email: drinks@spicemarket.net.au or telephone: +613 9660 3777


Please do not drink and drive. If you are planning on driving home or are the “designated driver”, we provide a range of non and low alcoholic beverages. We also have an excellent menu with food available until late. Further, we are more than happy to call a taxi on request.


Our staff train and work very hard at being the best at what they do. Our staff are a professional and enthusiastic group of individuals who strive to ensure our patrons receive the best possible service and leave Spice Market having had a wonderful experience.

We will not tolerate any patron acting in a disrespectful manner to any of our staff either by the use of abusive and inappropriate language or inappropriate physical contact. Any patron showing disrespect to any of our staff will be asked to leave the premises immediately.


When leaving Spice Market, please do so quietly and in an orderly manner having regard to the neighbouring properties.